Eye Beauty Secrets: Ingredients & Remedies

Globally, we spend billions of dollars on beauty products and a big ‘ol piece of that dollar-dollar-bills-y’all pie comes from the sales of eye creams and treatments.  We, the people, do not want wrinkles, dark circles, or big bags under our eyes.

Just like any industry, when it comes to eye health and beauty, there are some products that are effective and some that are a waste of your hard-earned cash.

One way to assure you get a real-deal eye cream or serum is to look for key ingredients that have been proven to be effective. I’ll break those down for you today and share with you some natural remedies that actually work and are cheaper than your daily latte.

If you are looking to rejuvenate skin around your eye, erase dark circles, fade crow’s feet, or calm puffiness, your eye cream should have one or more of the following ingredients:

This is the Fab Four when it comes to eye beauty. Sun exposure, smog, stress, and cigarette smoke are all sorts of bad eye juju, causing wrinkles, puffiness, and collagen loss. Vitamins A, C, & E fight back against free radical damage while stimulating collagen production and encouraging cell repair while Vitamin K promotes skin circulation for a most radiant, smooth, and healthy look around your eyes.

Delivering maximum hydration, hyaluronic acid is like water, but a thousand times more effective. Since it plumps my skin up in the best way possible, I personally use eye serums with this ingredient in place of more invasive procedures.

So, not only does your eye cream need its vitamins, it needs its coffee too. JK!  But seriously, if you find an eye cream with caffeine listed as an ingredient, this is a good thing. It constricts blood vessels under the skin, vanishing puffiness and, as if that wasn’t enough, all that blood vessel tightening lighten up dark circles too.

The ultimate moisturizer, aloe is anti-aging magic for eyes. It can help fade wrinkles, stimulate collagen, remove dead cells, and lighten dark circles. Plus, it feels really good.

Oh, grapes. How we love thee. You give us wine, fruit that tastes like candy and an anti-aging powerhouse known as GSE. Grape seed extract is packed with flavonoids, linoleic acid, and Vitamin E, which we already know our eyes love. It’s a lightweight substance with skin-firming and eye-brightening potential.

Your favorite post-yoga drink is so much more than delicious. Green tea extract fights free radicals with antioxidant superpowers. This ingredient immediately freshens and tightens skin around the eyes and, with long-term use, can produce incredible anti-aging results.

RETINOL (but with a catch)
Okay, Retinol is rad. It should be sold as a secret, magical potion but it is NOT for everyone and must be used with some caution. Derived from Vitamin A, Retinol assists in cell regeneration, collagen production, and rocks at reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

That being said, it’s powerful stuff and should not be used if you are planning on logging any time in the sunlight or have sensitive skin. I only use a super small amount of Retinol at night, before bed, and I advise my sensitive skin friends to just stay away from it all together.

Peptides offer a gentle approach to collagen stimulation and promote elastin production. If you have sensitive skin, this is the wrinkle fighter for you. The results, brighter tighter skin around the eyes, are apparent in just a few days. If you are the sensitive-skin type mentioned above, peptides are an awesome Retinol alternative.

Okay, so now that you know what to look for when you’re shopping for eye creams and serums, we can move on to my favorite thing: natural eye treatments.

If you are looking for some holistic ways to beautify your eyes, look no further. I am the Queen of Natural Remedies (still waiting for my crown). In my last blog, I covered the basics of eye health, so you already know that the first thing you should do when feeling puffy around the eyes is put down the salt and pick up the water bottle.

Once you’re hydrated, try out a few of these eye-beautifying treatments:

I’m pretty sure every spa in the world has at least one advertisement featuring a relaxed, smiling woman with cucumbers on her eyes. Why? Because a slice of cucumber on the eye works out puffiness like a champion. Bonus? If you’ve got itchy, dry eyes, the cucumber slices will provide a bit of relief there too… and if you don’t have a cucumber in the fridge, a sliced potato will work the same way, it’s just not as pretty.

If you’ve got some serious puffiness going on, soak two cotton balls in milk, squeeze out the excess, lay back, set the cotton balls on your eyes and relax. Milk, it really does do a body good.

Heat half of a cup water in a pot, add a handful of rose petals and simmer for ten minutes. Remove from heat and let the water cool. Strain the liquid into a container of your choosing and apply your rosewater with a cotton ball whenever you need to get rid of dark circles.

Soak and chill tea bags before resting them on your closed eyes. Use chamomile tea to treat tired, red eyes or a caffeinated tea, like black tea or green tea, to ease puffiness.

Jojoba oil is actually my favorite makeup remover because it is effective without being harsh and it moisturizes while it works. If you want to wipe off your eyeshadow without drying out your skin, get yourself some jojoba.

Eyes are fun and keeping them gorgeous is my favorite thing to do… and talk about. I could go on, and on but, for today, I’ll leave you with the above. Try out my favorite effective eye cream ingredients and natural eye beauty remedies. Let me know what you think! Here’s to bright and beautiful peepers.