We don’t have time for boring.

We love window shopping, wind surfing, high fashion, all night dancing, beach bumming, good music, morning hikes, bubbly drinks, and road trips.  We believe life is for the living. 


How did we end up here, selling glasses?

A few years back, one of us was on a quest for a new pair of frames that stood apart from all the standard eyeglasses on the market. After searching through pages and pages of websites, clicking on hundreds of black and brown frames, we discovered that finding a pair of gorgeous, fun, fashion-forward frames was near impossible. It was classic black, tortoise shell brown, or something ridiculously unflattering.


That experience raised some questions. 

Why should footwear and clothes have all the fun? Where was the online source for tastefully fun and colorful glasses? There were none. So, we made one.


Enjoy shopping through our carefully curated selection of vibrant and unique frames. Looking for something you don’t see? Let us know and well consider adding it to our collection.