Single Vision Lenses

The most common choice, Single Vision Lenses correct nearsightedness or farsightedness, one at a time. They can be used to correct “simple” vision conditions, such as myopia*hyperopia*, and astigmatism*, as well as “high correction” patients.

Polycarbonate lens material outperforms plastic and hi-index when it comes to impact resistance, which makes it a good option for children and teenagers. Plus, Essilor’s polycarbonate lenses are 20% thinner, 30% lighter, and 12x more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses.


Bifocal LENSES

Bifocals have a very distinct line dividing far and near distances.

With our digitally cut Progressive Lenses you’ll get three distances in one (near, far, and in between), gradually transitioning so you can see without any bothersome lines in sight.

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Mostly used for patients that use digital devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. for more than six (6) hours every day and have eye strain after a long period of viewing.

Eye Zen lenses defend against digital eye strain associated with digital use and reduce exposure to Harmful Blue Light.

Unlike ordinary single vision lenses, Eye Zen lenses are a more complete solution to modern vision problems because it helps your eyes relax when focusing an object up close and reduce your exposure to harmful blue light. For a premium protection, we recommend anti-reflective coatings like Crizal® or SharpView+™.

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Adaptive Lenses 

 A great solution for those people who like to have “the best of both worlds” in one pair of glasses. The adaptive lenses are kept clear in the absence of UV light, but when is activated by the sun the lenses darken according to the light, so you can continue to see your best.

With Transitions® Adaptive Lenses®, you see the best of both worlds. Lenses adapt to changing light, from clear indoors to dark outdoors, and every shade in between.

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 Light reflects off of snow, water, and sleek pavement, temporary blinding you with it’s glare… unless you’re rocking polarized lenses. Then you’re good to go.

Xperio UV polarized sun lenses provide maximum UV protection, easy cleanability, and exceptional scratch resistance for the best vision under the sun.

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Crizal Prevencia lenses reduce exposure to Harmful Blue Light while still allowing beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through. Plus, they provide all the benefits of no-glare lenses. Help protect your eyes from blue-violet light with Crizal Prevencia lenses.

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SharpView+™ lenses are the No-Glare treatment for your entry-level young patients or value minded patients looking for the best vision solution. With SharpView+ lenses, you can deliver to your value-driven patients a high-quality No-Glare solution at an affordable price.

Crizal Easy UV lenses also come with the leading anti-UV technology, to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays in outdoor light. Plus, Crizal Easy UV lenses live up to the demands of daily wear with built-in scratch and smudge resistance.

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